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Welcome to Pax Velo, Southern Maryland's Premier Cycling and Bike Racing club. Our interests center around competitive riding and our Tuesday Night Race series, but we also support all forms of bicycling including the St. Mary's Century ride.
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Updated 25 Sept 2019
I wanted to send out a huge thank you to all of the volunteers that helped make the Century possible. Without the help and planning from 30+ club members, this event would never have happened. Every effort, big or small was heavily appreciated. Big thanks to our course marking crew, rest stop volunteers, set-up and clean-up crews. Also, thanks to all of you that chipped in where you could even with other commitments on your calendar. Lastly, I want to give a shout-out to Tim and Charles. Both of you worked tirelessly with me for the last week getting everything in order and making sure no one was left hungry.
We learned a lot from this year and got a lot of feedback and criticism that we’ll take into consideration for next year. If anyone wants to do a write-up for their rest stop, that would be great. It will greatly assist us in figuring out schedule for the future. I haven’t added up the final numbers, but it looks like the club made a decent profit from the event so all of your hard work paid off.
To other club members that didn’t make it, please thank all of the century volunteers and their families for their hard work to make this event possible. Hosting a successful century like this one takes a lot of work and we’d really appreciate any additional help we can get for next year’s event.
Lastly, I want to thank the “grey-beards” of Pax Velo that passed along all of the knowledge and experience needed to host the SMC. Folks like Derek, Dave G, Kevin, Steve W all were able to pass along what they’ve learned in past years to make for a successful century.
We’ll be having a club meeting next week. Folks that volunteered, please try to attend so that we can go over lessons-learned for next year.
Jim Bumbaugh
Pax Velo President


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